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Exhibition Banners

Exhibition banner stands are an ideal solution to get across your advertisement to the public. They are eye-catching, easy to use and can be assembled in minutes.

The material used for this banner wall is called “stoplight” material. It is printed in different panels and is applied with magnetic strips to the banner wall. The frame of this banner works on the same principle as the cloth banner wall but the prints are different. Why choose this option over the cloth banner wall? Because this one does not have an transparency, so if you were to shine a light onto the banner it will not shine through the banner but rather enhance the imaging.

Exhibition banner walls are available in the following sizes:

  • 3x1 - 2260mm x 1500mm
  • 3x2 - 2260mm x 2260mm
  • 3x3 - 2260mm x 3010mm
  • 3x4 - 2260mm x 3760mm

Exhibition banner walls are supplied with a hard case PVC flight container with wheels. The size of this container is 910 x 710 x 370mm and weighs about 27kgs. The frame of the wall banner and exhibition wall banner has a 5 year guarantee.



We strive to accommodate as much as possible of your media and advertising needs under one roof! We mainly specialise in digital printing but we offer all sorts of printing solutions. If we don’t have something we will try our best to find it.

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